CWA District 3 Newsletter #2 - May 2016

> Welcome to the 2nd edition of the CWA District 3 Newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to provide a way for news to be shared around our District with each other. Our District is comprised of members who work in a wide variety of fields and this newsletter will offer a glimpse into what others are facing and allow each of us a chance to better understand what our Brothers and Sisters are going through and to realize that we are not alone in our fight. Starting off we intend to send out a newsletter every two months and we are going to be asking Officers, retirees, members, anyone in the District,  to submit items for the newsletter. As we progress, we will modify whatever we need to in order to make it as beneficial as possible and we will also be asking for your input on what you like and do not like about it. Thank you and enjoy.
> -Richard
> CWA District 3 Women's Committee
> CWA District 3 Retired Members Council
> CWA Locals 3607 & 3616 Unity@Mobility Training
> CWA Local 3403 Appreciation Day
> CWA Local 3263 - OFS Bargaining
> Update on Direct TV Organizing
> CWA Local 3682 Officers attend Advanced Labor School in Raleigh, NC
> PremTech/WireTech "Train the Trainer" - Atlanta, GA
> UNION..What does it really mean? Danny Acosta, Organizer, Local 3104
> May We Not/May We..Phil Coldiron, President Local 3371
> CWA District 3 Supports Verizon Striking Workers
> CWA District 3 Women's Committee
> CWA Women's Committee Meeting 2016CWA District 3 Woman of the Year 2016
> Elise Maloof, CWA Managed Care Specialist & Member of CWA Local 3204
> The District 3 Women’s Committee met during our District 3 meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida on March 19; we were well attended. Each year the committee sponsors a charity of their pick to raise money for their cause. This year our charity was Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. A video was shown about how Saint Jude was founded that also included an excerpt from the patient’s point of view. The hospital has done wonderful work treating childhood cancer and has helped push the overall cancer survival rate from 20% to 80%. St. Jude’s sentiment is that families dealing with childhood cancer main concern should be helping their child live therefore the families never receive a bill for the treatment or housing of their children.
> It is the hospital’s custom to send gifts such as T-shirts, umbrellas, cups etc., depending on how much money is raised to the participants. We elected not to receive the gifts which resulted in $400 donated back to the hospital which would help pay for treatment of a needy child. With our member’s generous donations, the Women’s Committee raised $2865 in the course of 3 days for St. Jude’s. At the end of our Saturday meeting we enjoyed refreshments and door prizes.
> Should anyone have any suggestions on charities they would like to see the Women’s Committee sponsor, please send me, Karen Murphy, an email with your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
> During the District meeting we announced our 5th Woman of the Year, Elise Maloof, CWA Managed Care Specialist and Member of CWA Local 3204. Elise was nominated by her Local President, Ed Barlow, for her hard work and dedication to her Local and members to whom she assists with their benefits. Elise received a plaque and gift certificate in appreciation.
> District 3 wants to thank Esther Pond, CWA Local 3806 for doing an outstanding job during her tenure as the District 3 Representative for the Women’s National Committee. Vice President Richard Honeycutt announced the new District 3 Representative appointment for the National Women’s Committee, Marsha Vaughn, President of Local 3109.
> Thanks to everyone who made the Women’s Committee a success this year. Special thanks goes to Dena Roberts for her donation of the cosmetics gift baskets, the Sage Group for their $500 donation, Sheila Williams-Cain, Thelma Dunlap and NettWorth.
> CWA District 3 Retired Members Council
> Rita Scott, President CWA/RMC District 3
> Our CWA District 3 Retirees met on Saturday, March 19, 2016 during the 2016 CWA District 3 Meeting in Daytona, Florida. Here are some excerpts from Rita Scott, President CWA/RMC District 3 when she addressed the delegates, alternates and guests at the General Session on Monday, March 21.
> Recognized and thanked:
> Gwen Parker, RMC District 3 Vice President
> Richard Honeycutt, District 3 Vice President
> Nick Hawkins, Assistant to the Vice President CWA District 3
> Booker Lester, Administrative Director, District 3
> CWA District 3 Staff
> Dusty Winters the immediate past President CWA/RMC District 3
> James Starr, President Emeritus
> And all of the CWA Presidents who took the time to come by our Retired Members Meeting on Saturday to address and thank our Retired Members
> Asked for CWA fellow Retired Members to please stand
> I want to say we are
> First of all as I look out over this audience at you my fellow Union Members I must say I never expected to become the District 3 Retired Members Council President. However I am eager and excited to serve my CWA Retired Sisters and Brothers and to support my CWA active sisters and brothers or should I say my CWA sons and daughters who are striving to one day to be retired.
> Across District 3 the CWA Retired Members are actively participating and supporting their sponsored Locals in many ways, from answering the phones during the day to filing papers and assisting in any way needed.
> It is my Vision to create, stimulate, mobilize, organize, and energize a vigorous Retiree Revolution.
> I am asking the Retired Members to adopt a Mission Statement  - "Retired Members Called To Action"
> A call to Action means there must no longer be a "US" the CWA RETIRED MEMBERS COUNCIL or "THEM" THE CWA ACTIVE MEMBERS. We are all...

One Residential Voice Discount Communication

The Union was notified that the attached communication was being sent to employees that have a discount on both a U-verse voice service and wireline voice service.  The policy is that an employee discount can be on one residential voice wireline product.  The communication asks employees to contact the service center and remove one of the discounts.  Employees will continue to receive reminders until they have taken action.

In Unity,
Thelma Dunlap
Administrative Director to the Vice President


Fwd: Verizon Strikers

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From: "Christopher M. Shelton" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: May 5, 2016 10:36 AM
Subject: Verizon Strikers
To: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

CWA Local Leaders

May 5, 2016

To:     CWA Local Presidents

The demonstrations of solidarity and support for our members who are on strike at Verizon have been amazing. Our strike is strong and our support growing.

Many of you have stood on picket lines or participated in solidarity actions as we stand up to this greedy corporation that will let nothing stand in the way of profits.

The decision to strike is never easy.  A strike brings financial stress not just to the strikers, but to their families, their communities, and everyone who depends on them.

As I write, these brave union members have gone 23 days without a paycheck, and just this past weekend Verizon terminated their health care coverage.

The financial challenges are no surprise, and our members have prepared for them the best they could, but there is no way to prepare for all eventualities.

That is why we have set up the Verizon Striking Families Solidarity Fund to make sure that members who are facing financial hardship during the strike have a place to turn.

Donations may be made by going to Checks should be made out to Verizon Striking Families Solidarity Fund and mailed to Strikers Solidarity Fund, 501 Third St NW, Washington DC 20001. Contributions will go to help CWA and IBEW strikers.

I am asked all the time how long the strike will go on and my answer is always the same, as long as it takes.  I can tell you that our brothers and sisters striking at Verizon are determined to stick together and stay out as long as it takes to get a contract.  As I said at the convention, CWA is a union where every local has every other locals’ back and now it’s time to prove that.

Your financial support will help the most vulnerable strikers and their families.  I hope you will contribute and continue to participate in actions across the country.  

In Unity,

Christopher M. Shelton


501 Third Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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