Pay and Healthcare if a Strike should happen (AT&T)

For all those wanting to know how pay & healthcare works if we go on strike.



• The CWA Robert Lilja Members’ Relief Fund (RLMRF) provides direct assistance to members
and agency fee payers, Local Union Officers who are on the Local’s payroll and lose wages,
and victims of collective bargaining strategies during sanctioned strikes... Currently, the weekly
benefit to strikers and victims is $200.00 beginning with the fifteenth day of the strike and
$300.00 per week beginning with the twenty-ninth day of the strike. The fourteen-day waiting
period does not apply to victims of collective bargaining strategies. MRF payments end
on the seventh day following the conclusion of the strike MRF benefits are subject to
availability of funds.
• Locals shall be held accountable for any money disbursed in violation of Fund Rules.

• Strikers are required to perform strike duty. It is the Local’s responsibility to advise every
member/agency fee payer that strike duty is required in order to receive RLMRF benefits. The
Local determines the amount of strike duty. As a result, a striker’s obligation may vary from
Local to Local. Keep in mind that the rules require some level of involvement by each and
every striker who applies for RLMRF benefits.
• A uniform method for payout to strikers must be selected prior to the commencement of a
strike. The payout options and selection procedure is outlined in Section Ill (B) of the Defense
Fund and Robert Lilja Members’ Relief Fund Rules and Ground Rules. Locals are responsible 5
for notifying all members/agency fee payers of the benefits available under the selected payout
• In “right to work” states, non-members are not eligible for assistance from either Fund.
• If a strike ends mid-week, RLMRF payments shall be one-fifth of the weekly payout. RLMRF
payments cannot be made for Saturday and/or Sunday unless these days were part of the
normal five-day workweek.
• “Victims of Collective Bargaining Strategies” are:
1. Members/agency fee payers who lose wages as a result of honoring a sanctioned CWA
picket line.
2. Strikers who are disciplined as a result of strike related activities.
3. Members/agency fee payers who are disciplined as a result of their mobilization
activities during “approved mobilization actions.”
4. Members/agency fee payers who lose wages as a result of a lockout.
5. Pay for necessary medical/hospital expenses. In some extreme cases the Fund
Director may authorize payment of health care premiums (COBRA) on behalf of
strikers/victims, or their dependents, where chronic medical conditions have been
identified and documented by the Local’s Community Services Committee.
NOTE: Personal loans cannot be made from either Fund!!!
SECTION IV Health Care Benefits During Strikes shall be paid from the RLMRF
• In strike situations where an employer cuts off health care benefits, CWA will pay for
necessary medical/hospital expenses. In some extreme cases the Fund Director may
authorize payment of health care premiums (COBRA) on behalf of strikers and their
dependents. The CWA Robert Lilja Members’ Relief Fund will only pay COBRA premiums for
healthcare. CWA self-insures for other medical needs such as “necessary” dental and vision
care. The Robert Lilja Members’ Relief Fund does not pay life insurance premiums.
• The term “necessary” does not include any treatment not normally covered under the
employer’s health plan, nor does it include any care such as elective procedures or dental
visits that can be postponed until the end of the strike.
• Whenever an employer stops healthcare coverage during a strike and the Local’s Community
Services Committee decides that it is prudent to pay COBRA on behalf of the striker, then the 6
COBRA form and necessary justification (doctor’s prognosis, medical bills etc.) must be
attached to the disbursement voucher and available for inspection.
• Strikers must still pay healthcare premium contributions as well as any deductibles and copays
that existed before the strike. The concept being that no one should have a better benefit
during a strike than that which was in effect before the strike.
• It is the responsibility of the Local’s Community Services Committee to attempt to get the
healthcare provider (doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.) to accept as full payment an amount less
than that which was billed. A notation of this attempt must be made in that strikers’ record.
• All bills submitted for payment must contain all the necessary information (name of patient,
date of treatment and service rendered).
• Strikers who can obtain health care coverage through other sources, such as a spouse’s
health plan, should rely on those sources during the strike.

• Canadian Locals should refer to the attached letters of this Guide.

AT&T Bargaining Survey & Suggestions

Everyone needs to fill out 1 Bargaining Survey and as many suggestions as you want.  1 Suggestion per form per member. Here are some ideas you might want to use.  

#1) Article 10.01A2 remove (needs of the business permitting) or improve language.  That will solve when members have letters in to move same title same exchange but company wont let them move.

#2) Remove Work Group and use only Work Unit

#3) Move all Wire Techs to Service Tech Title.  They are doing now what St"s use to due.  Don't Say Core or more that would effect the members in the core.

#4) Wire Techs Guaranteed 40 hour work weeks

#5) Wire techs Overtime past 8 hrs worked

#6) Wire Techs Double time after 49 hours

#7) Wire techs the right to refuse OT after 12 OT hrs in a week

#8) Wire Techs Improve working conditions I.E. wear same uniforms as Core.

#9) Wire Techs get Partnership 


These are just some issues that we need all members to support each other on.  I will update more issues as we get them.  But we ALL need to support each other.  If you are not a wire tech please support them by submitting suggestions for their issue.  If you are a wire tech please  support core members by submitting suggestions for their issues.  We need All forms Back to our Local by Feb 10th.  The Local has to have them to the District by Feb 15th. This is everyones future please help.


David Betz


CWA 3905

Cell: 256-682-8000 

Download this file (Bargaining Demand.PDF)Bargaining Demand.PDF[ ]16 kB
Download this file (Bargaining Survey.pdf)Bargaining Survey.pdf[ ]75 kB

Website Changes

We are changing several aspects of the website. While there are several members that continue to use the site, CWA 3903 decided to opt out of joint ownership and our local has decided to find ways to reduce the cost and maintenance. We will discuss at this weeks union meeting on Tuesday.

One option we will put forth (if possible) is to replicate the postings to facebook, feed to our website using an authentication method, because the group is a closed group. We don't know that facebook feeds allow this yet. We are trying to keep this site going at a minimal cost ~100.00 per year.

Thank You for being part of our union, our jobs, and our futures.