AT&T Mobility D3 Ratifies Contract

Mobility workers ratified the D3 AT&T Contract.

No ballot/percentage counts are available.

AT&T 2nd Quarter Surplus - 9 States

AT&T has declared a surplus for 2nd quarter. Looks like a lot of ET's and Office Assistants were declared.

Download this file (CWA Declaration_Summary.pdf)CWA Declaration_Summary.pdf[ ]48 kB

2014 GI Jackson Scholarship

We are pleased to provide our members with the statewide GI Jackson Scholarship. Just fill out the form for your college eligible student and follow the instructions on the form. One of our members won the scholarship a few years ago. 

Download this file (GI Jackson 2014.pdf)GI Jackson 2014.pdf[ ]320 kB

AT&T 1st Quarter Surplus

1st Quarter Surplus for nine state region attached.

Download this file (1QTR2014_CWA Declaration.pdf)1QTR2014_CWA Declaration.pdf[ ]37 kB

District 3 - AT&T Bargaining