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Build Broadband Better

The investment in broadband across the country to build broadband networks out through the IIJA (Infrastructure, Investment & Jobs Act) is $42.5 billion. Unless in the broadband business, most people don't understand the differences in broadband delivery options and why fiber is the greenest technology. It is also considered "futureproof". As technology grows and we have more need to upload content, we need to be sure this investment lasts and isn't a band aid to cover the inequities in access to internet service. The picture below explains some differences. With dedicated fiber, there is no shared content, which slows us down and there isn't as much need for repeaters to carry signals longer distances, which use lots of electricity. Cell towers and these electrical field devices are targets for the wild weather that we are seeing more of. See the photo below, then sign the petition at to ensure fiber is the preference along with safe build out in all states.