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CWA/AT&T - Wireline COVID Vaccination Bargaining Update #4


Brothers & Sisters,


The CWA bargaining committee met with AT&T.  The parties discussed the Union’s counter proposal to the Company’s proposed policy.  The Union counter, which included incentives and an alternative to mandatory vaccination, was ultimately rejected by the Company.  The CWA bargaining committee made it clear that our intent is to continue bargaining with the Company to reach an agreement that supports and encourages our members to be vaccinated on a voluntary basis, while providing an alternative testing option that our bargaining unit members can utilize.


In response to the Union’s position, the Company expressed that any future Union proposals that include anything other than a mandate will likely receive the same response as our previous proposal. Based upon the Company’s statements and our discussions at the table, it is clear to the bargaining committee that the Company will not agree to any proposal that does not include a mandate. Given CWA's position against mandates, and the Company's position that it will not agree to any proposal that does not include a mandate, we are effectively at an impasse in the negotiations. Under federal labor law governing the effect of impasse, the Company intends to implement its policy. The committee will continue negotiations with the Company over the terms of the policy, its implementation and its effects in the workplace. We will be making proposals about implementation and effects of the policy.  

In Unity,


Your CWA Bargaining Committee,


District 3: Nick Hawkins, Assistant to the Vice-President

District 4: Curt Hess, Assistant to the Vice-President

District 6: Mark Franken, Administrative Director

District 9: Domonique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice-President

CWA T&T Office:  Ken Saether, Assistant to the Vice-President