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Vaccine Mandate News

Brothers and Sisters


CWA has been made aware that AT&T is considering mandating that employees receive the COVID vaccination before entering an AT&T workplace, and has suggested that it plans "to begin discussions" with CWA about such a mandate. Let me be perfectly clear: while CWA encourages all members to educate themselves about the COVID vaccines, and encourages all members to get vaccinated (if their health or religious beliefs allow), CWA is opposed to any vaccine mandates. Below, I have pasted a link to the CWA Executive Board's statement on the COVID vaccines, which emphasizes CWA's opposition to vaccine mandates.


As for AT&T "plans" and "discussions" with CWA, the only discussions CWA is interested in having with AT&T about mandatory COVID vaccines is across the bargaining table. "Mandatory" vaccines are a "mandatory" subject of collective bargaining. We will demand bargaining over any plans AT&T has to mandate vaccines, and take legal action to enforce that demand. Whatever AT&T's plans might be, remember that CWA (and not AT&T) is the only source of accurate information about CWA's position, about CWA's actions, and about the steps that CWA is taking to represent our members.;!!BhdT!xqnuufVMtcLXw2iOMhFetUZsaAnT0YT9ck_QRjt-V7cmL2RA03qnGIQVgH5-gYg%24